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About the Author

     I have always been fascinated with the mythical and supernatural. Growing up in the 1980s, I spent my Saturdays watching horror films and writing short stories about mythical creatures, especially vampires, werewolves, and dragons.

      My favorite authors during those years were Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe. I always dreamt about sharing my paranormal stories and released my debut novel Haunted Fate: Destined Lovers in 2021—the first book in the series.

      Finding My Wolf is my latest standalone novel and continues my love of a steamy werewolf romance.

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Come Fly With Me

Past. Present. Future.

The following is a collection of my latest and most meaningful writing projects. I hope you enjoy my work and I invite you to contact me with any feedback - I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you would like to order a signed copy of my work please send me an email with your request.


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Finding My Wolf

     Josie Bartley, a werewolf born to a prestigious pack, fears she’s flawed, destined to never connect with her wolf spirit after a dream that left her forever changed. When Ashton, the future Alpha of her pack, pursues her, she hesitates. She’s sworn off on all romance until she finds her mate—the one fated to be hers—and longs for more beyond the antiquated traditions of her pack. Caving to her sense of duty, and the pressure on all sides, she agrees with the relationship.

     The moon goddess, however, holds a secret…

     Lucian, the fiercest of his kind but ostracized for his Lycan heritage, is next in line to be Alpha King. Known as the Alpha of rogues and feared by the Council, his enemies spread rumors to prevent his ascension. As the final campaign for the throne begins, Lucian crosses with a long-awaited blessing—his mate.

     While Josie and Lucian try to shed the shackles of their past and forge their path forward together, Ashton’s out for blood, seeking to take back Josie and steal the Alpha King position. If they can’t stop him, their newfound future will be destroyed forever.  

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Haunted Fate: Destined Lovers
Book 1

     Victoria’s life was decided for her long before she was even born.

            She’s slated to participate in the Legătura, a ceremony to preserve the dying vampire race. Here, she’ll be chosen as a mate—or someone’s next meal. And while Victoria’s blue-violet eyes and her family name should secure a mate, she flees from the community, lest she becomes a vampire’s blood servant.

            Caleb is the hard-hearted, ill-tempered head of a powerful vampire bloodline. Taking a human mate, even though it spells salvation for their kind, absolutely repulses him. Yet he can’t seem to get Victoria off his mind when news of her escape is reported to the Council. When she’s captured and brought back to the community for her own Legătura, he’s compelled to claim her.

            While Victoria uncovers shocking truths about the vampires and herself, looming danger and undeniable desire propel the two opposing lovers closer together.

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Available Now

Charlie's Adventures: If I Were a Liondragon

     If you could be a magical creature, what would you be? Would you hunt for treasure, or have a picnic?

     Join Charlie on his first adventure as he imagines what it would be like living as a liondragon for a day.

     Charlie's Adventures encourages children to use their imagination throughout the day, whether they're playing, helping others, or displaying kindness to a friend.

     Written under the penname Cheryl A. Cleary, this series is inspired by the captivating imagination of my son, Charlie. His love of adventure and friendship are an inspiration for all. I hope you and your child/children enjoy taking this trip with us.

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Haunted Fate: Captured Hearts

  Book 2

Demon King's Omega


written under the penname Cheryl A. Cleary

Charlie's Adventures: A Day at the Aquarium

SNEAK PEEK: Captured Hearts (Chp 1)

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Graphic Novel / Webtoon

Haunted Fate: Destined Lovers 

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