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Completed Works

Haunted Fate: Destined Lovers

Victoria’s life was decided for her long before she was even born.

            She’s slated to participate in the Legătura, a ceremony to preserve the dying vampire race. Here, she’ll be chosen as a mate—or someone’s next meal. And while Victoria’s blue-violet eyes and her family name should secure a mate, she flees from the community, lest she becomes a vampire’s blood servant.

            Caleb is the hard-hearted, ill-tempered head of a powerful vampire bloodline. Taking a human mate, even though it spells salvation for their kind, absolutely repulses him. Yet he can’t seem to get Victoria off his mind when news of her escape is reported to the Council. When she’s captured and brought back to the community for her own Legătura, he’s compelled to claim her.

            While Victoria uncovers shocking truths about the vampires and herself, looming danger and undeniable desire propel the two opposing lovers closer together.

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